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MPK Mini MKII - How to align Bank (A/B) Pads to the Essential Pads screen?

I am new to MPK Mini MKII, MPC Essentials and MKII editor software. The MKII editor can only program how each pads behaves. What I really want to do is to preset the 8 drum pads to perfectly aligned to the Essentials Pad Banks display.

For example: In Pad Bank "A", I like to see A13 correspond to Pad5 on the MKII, A14 to Pad6, A15 to Pad7, A16 to Pad8, etc.

Right now, Pads lights up kind of random between Pad Bank A, B and C. I am almost certain I missed something... And I have tried read through some Note Repeat site and some similiar threads, and still no luck.
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