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MPK mini Play transpose?

Hi, I just got an MPK Mini Play. I like the idea of having an onboard speaker for when I just need to try something without a computer. But I was imagining there would be a transpose feature. It seems like I can only transpose by octave, but I was hoping to change keys by semitone. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
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  • Hey Marc,

    Thanks for posting!

    You can transpose the MPK's keybed chromatically via the Editor. If you haven't done so already, download the Editor Software from the MPK's product page:

    MPK Mini Play

    Connect your MPK to your computer and open the Editor. Click on the Transpose field and select the amount of semitones you would like to increase or decrease by. Send to one of the Favorites slots and replace the internal memory by clicking Send to Ram.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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