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mpk mini win 10

Hi. I installed the MPK mini editor when I had window 8.1. The software was updated to window 10. After this, I had to uninstall the Editor and sofwtare now does not recognize MPK mini. MICROSOFT SYNTHETIZER appears in the options. What can I do to be recognized in Window 10.
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  • Hey Pacho,

    Thanks for posting!

    The original MPK mini (without the red thumbstick in the top left corner) is a class compliant device so it will use drivers that are already on your computer to connect regardless of the OS you are using.

    Microsoft Synthesizer is a default MIDI device in the Windows OS, so it looks like your MPK is not detected by the computer at the moment. As you can see, the MPK mini is displayed in this image alongside Microsoft Synthesizer and other MIDI utilities.

    Does the MPK receive power (buttons illuminate) when you connect it? Are you able to see the MPK in your Device Manager under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers like in the image below? You can also expand Universal Serial Bus controllers to check if it is registered as a generic USB device.

    If it is not registered by the computer, I would recommend testing this controller with a different USB cable and with different USB ports on the computer to verify the connection. Since it is class compliant, it is advisable to also test the MPK with another computer to see if you can replicate the symptom you're experiencing.

    Try that and let me know!
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    • I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble. If you have not already done so, I would be sure to test this controller with another computer to verify that this symptom is not derived from the computer you are using now.

      There are many potential reasons a controller might not be functional; I would not be able to diagnose this on the forum. If your product does require service and you are located outside of the US, please contact the retailer from which you bought your product and ask for their distributor's contact information. The distributor should be able to provide to you a location to have your product serviced.
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