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MPK2 line or Advance Pro. are they both VIP compatible now?


I am looking into getting one of the MPK2 or Advance Professional keyboards and am wondering what the "VIP Ready" label by the MPK2 products on your website means? The main benefit for the Advance was initially the VIP software but is it now available for the MPK2 products as well?

Additionally, are the Advance Professional keyboards not in production anymore and no longer supported with updates, etc.? Are there any differences in the included software between the two lines now as a result of the Advance line being discontinued?


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  • Hey benspurgeon95,

    Thanks for posting!

    VIP ready means that the software has a native control script for the MPK2 series that will map hardware controls to software parameters.

    If you are looking for a controller that interfaces specifically with VIP, I would suggest the Advance. The Advance comes with VIP as well as the AIR Instruments Bundle. This is a lot of content to start using with VIP. In addition, the Advance's screen will mirror the VIP Software allowing for remote control.

    The MPK2 series comes with VIP but does not include the AIR Instruments Bundle. While the keyboard can be fully mapped to control VIP, its parameters are more generic.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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