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MPK249/61 or Advance 49/61 for Gigs/Performer/Playing?

Which one would be better for gigging/performing/playing - the MPK or Advance?

I’m looking to pick up 2x keyboards:
1. a 61-key that can fit in my check-in keyboard case 2. an ultra-portable 49-key that will fit in my large 30” suitcase. (Both the MPK and Advance fit the bill).

1. For road gigs I mainly use a Roland FP90 digital piano with 3x VSTs: Pianoteq for Pianos, Lounge Lizard for Electric Pianos and The Legend for a Moog synth.
2. I have no need for a DAW. I’ve recorded some stuff in Logic, but honestly I prefer to just play live.
3. Looking mainly for portability, road/flight robustness, convenience.
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  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for posting!

    In terms of portability the MPK2 series and the Advance series are essentially the same size. Their dimensions differ by less than an inch but the MPK does weigh about 2 lbs more which may be something to consider when checking in luggage.

    Both keyboards will require a DAW to produce sound as they are MIDI controllers, not digital keyboards, so a computer will be necessary. The Advance has the added advantage of a display screen, allowing you to select different plugins and patches in VIP from the controller itself. This is beneficial to players because they can connect to the VIP software, hide their computer and still control all software parameters from the Advance.

    VIP comes bundled with both controllers. If you are not interested in using a DAW, then VIP could be a great alternative for you! VIP operates as a virtual sound module, letting the user load all of their favorite VSTs and effects into different instrument racks or set lists for quick recall in a performance setting.

    All in all, for your purposes I would suggest the Advance. That said, it's best to test the equipment in person so that you can compare the feel and build.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions :)
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