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MPX-16 - Creating Default User Kits

Hello Everybody,

I have a suggestion to make for everyone who wants to create a new kit from scratch or wants an empty or default kit (or pad) but doesn't know how.

I know there are probably other methods or solutions for the MPX-16's lack of "Initialization", which isn't actually a lacking because to create new kits, you must have an SD-card inserted, so it's logical that the initial, or default user kit must also be located on SD-card. It wouldn't be logical to give the customer an internal empty kit which he then could not use because he couldn't assign any sounds to it because it's on the internal memory which has no space left. {{{(o.O)}}} wow
I hope this makes sense to everyone :-P

So you can create and save an "Initialized" user-kit, with no sounds assigned and with all parameters set to default (eg. 000, 999, OFF, etc.) and use this to create new user-kits in the future. You do not have to use the internal kits (which usually have preassigned parameters like choke-groups and reverb) to create new ones.

To create an initialized user-kit, all you have to do is:

1) Load any internal kit

2) Select PAD 1

3) Press SELECT+/- until you select "LOC:" and turn the VALUE-DIAL so it
reads "LOC:CARD"
You will notice that the SAMPLE NAME is
You now have an empty pad, with no sound assigned to it
(and it will remain like that if you don't assign any sample)

4) Do not assign any sample to the pad, because the initialized kit must be empty!
An empty kit also allows it to be transferred to other SD-carts easier,
because it has no samples to be transferred with it.

5) Now press PAD EDIT to cycle through all the parameters and set them like this:

PAD VOLUME = 090 (or 100, but it's best to leave a little headroom)
REV = 000

TUN = 000
E>T = 000
ST. = 000
END = 999

A.A = 000
F.A = 000

CUT = 100
RES = 000
E>F = 000
MID = ascending from pad1 to pad16 = 036 to 051

TRG = HLD (makes auditioning easier, suited for both one-shots and loops)
M/P = MON (makes auditioning easier/clearer)
VEL = OFF (makes auditioning easier)

6) Repeat step 3-5 for all other pads.
When you done, press SELECT+ and SELECT- simultaneously
and select "Copy the current Kit to new" by pushing the VALUE-DIAL
to save the kit.

Now you can load and use this standard-empty kit every time you want to create all diffent kinds on new user-kits! :-D

It's best to save these kits at the beginning of the user-memory (eg. e01-e10 or something) so you can access them quickly after booting up the device.
This also helps standardizing their position among different SD-cards for better transfer and general management.

The setting described here are of course only for the initialized kit, after assembling and arranging you new kits, you can assign to them any parameters you like and save them as new!!!

This is also only the most simple and default kit there is!
You can create different kind of initialized kits and then use them to create all different kind of kits from scratch!

For example, you can create one initial-kit specifically for synth sounds, with reverb set to 80 on all pads and trigger mode (TRG) set to 1SH or LP. Then you could have another one for swelling sounds like dub-step wobble basses, with filter settings like filter attack/decay assigned on every pad. Then you can make
a drum-kit one, with little to no reverb, everything set to 1SH and maybe panning on some pads for hats and toms.

You can create an empty kit for everything you'll ever need so you wont have to deal with the internal kits parameters anymore every time you want to create a new kit.

(SD-CARD IS REQUIRED of course!)

Hope this helps everyone new or in need, everybody else please feel free to add your own method to this post, so we have a nice collection for reference!
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