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Multiple Bugs.. and Please Add Some Features

Ok... so here are some bugs ive noticed and other people have mentioned that im going to re-mention upon there behalf. Also take note some of these are reminders... I dont want to be some update with more things like "Splice" we need real fixes and real features PLEASE.

A) Midi In Dropping out during start up: Some people have to un plug and plug back in there midi device in standalone and in controller mode because it seems when the inut starts up it will sometimes not recognize the keyboard(or such). Confirmed by many people.

B) Flattening pads creating a silent sample: Its happened to me a handful of times. i think maybe i was doing something wrong but others have come forth. so when in program mode ive flattened a pad out to only find its created a sample that does not contain any sound. Confirmed by 3 or so people.

C) There was an issue people had with the mute/solo button where all your programs become unmutable. Ive run into this problem. ive fixed it somehow so it may not be a complete bug but maybe just something im missing. Ive done the whole "Delete automation thing" or "Solo and un-solo" "Mute or Unmute" Porgrams to see if there was one specifically muted, but it seems alittle weird. Handfuls of people have had this issue. Some have given answer they say fix it. Still not sure where this stands,

D) Also another where pad 13 turned yellow and pad 11 turned red after editing the sample. The pads remain lit no matter what pad bank or screen I'm on. These did not turn off until clearing the machine's memory and starting over. Confirmed by a couple people.

Please add the Following in the Update for July

A) Portamento in Keygroups (A MUST)

B) Automation Lanes (Maybing editing with the step sequencer or something along those lines, also better options to delete a single automation) (A MUST)

C) Mult-Timbral Midi (NEEDED)

D) Eq'ing on each sample but not as an effect (A MUST)

E) Granular FX

Id be super happy with that.
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