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Mute Midi sequence, not audio from a drum part

Is there a way to mute just a MIDI part in a drum sequence on MPC live?

Pad mute kills all audio (immediately) meaning theres no reverb/delay tail and you can't use the pad while it's muted.
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  • Hey Burke Stacy,

    Thanks for posting!

    Muting a pad will mute all audio immediately but I can understand why it might be useful to have a tail at the end of a triggered MIDI event for smoother transitioning when removing elements from your sequence in a live setting. Be sure to submit this as a feature request with the MPC 2.0 Software's built-in feedback module to let our development team know! The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    Thank you for your feedback!
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