I’m Frustrated

My Mpc Studio was stolen i still have the software but cant unlock it without my hardware what do i do now

I just bought an M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro midi controller to use with all my software since all my hardware was stolen. I no longer have my Akai Mpc Studio , Native Instruments MkII Gold Edition, Mpc Element, Akai Mpk Mini MKII, Akai Mpk 49, Numark Mixtrak pro II. I can use my Native Instruments software works fine no unlock problems. Now my problem is Mpc software wont unlock with my serial codes i have to have the Mpc Studio (stolen) plugged in to unlock the software i even have the unlock code for the software but i cant pull up the web form to enter it. I want to use my software an official police report was made this is my software how do i unlock it. I live in New York i wont ever see my Mpc Studio again I paid for the software not just the hardware what do i have to do. Thanks for your time any suggestions would be most aprieciated
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