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I’m frustrated

My MPC TOUCH display wont turn on.

I bought a new computer, and a new MPC TOUCH. I down loaded the drivers and everything. Green checks down the line. but when i go to configure the screen, i follow the steps till the time goes down to zero and the screen still wont go on. I did it again and pressed the windows icon plus the letter P to put my computer to exrended screen mode and nothinng. Please i need help? i also unplugged the usb cable to see if there was something wrong with the monitor display on the MPC but the mpc logo came up so its not that. please help? thanks,
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  • Hey wayoftheshinobiwarriors,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Do you have the Touch connected to a power supply? What operating system is your computer running? If you are using a Mac, you should install the DisplayLink driver specific to your OS (not from the MPC Installer Package). It's important to note that the MPC Touch is not compatible with macOS 10.13.3-10.13.6 in which case you should update to Mojave. Once you have verified that your system is supported, uninstall and reinstall the DisplayLink driver following this procedure:


    If you are using a PC, please provide me with your system specs (OS, RAM, Processor, etc.) so I can take a deeper look into this for you!
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