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I’m frustrated

My Mpc x wont play samples while trying to record vocals in standalone

Can somebody please help me... for the first instance... I made my song Bounce it to a sequence and make a sample from it... When I go to audio, it won't play the sample which is on pad A1 so that I can record my vocals over top... for another instance... I sample a Beat through an aux cord to my samples... How do I detect the BPM so that I can align my track BPM to the song BPM... And do I even need to, being as though I'm not inserting anything but audio track over top??? But again my sample assigned to pad one won't play while in audio mode... How do I get my sample to playback while I record over top???
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  • Hey Joe,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you are adding a long sample to a pad (say A01) in a Drum program, it should play back like any other sample would, only for longer.

    If you are using a short MIDI event to trigger the bounced song to play back, be sure to set the sample playback to One Shot. Using One Shot will make it so that the whole sample will play back as long as the playhead passes over the beginning of the MIDI event.

    If you are using a long MIDI event(s) and you want to be able to control playback in relation to the length of the event, set sample playback to Note On. When Note On is active, the sample will still only play back if the playhead passes over the beginning of the MIDI event but the difference is that the sample will only play back for the duration of the MIDI event.

    Once you've got the sample playback for your Drum program set correctly, you can create an audio track and record vocals over the beat. When you're on the audio track, be sure to play the sequencer so the MIDI event with the bounced song is triggered to play.

    I would recommend keeping your tempo aligned because it will make things easier down the road (if you want to use the metronome for example). If you made the beat with the MPC, you can just check the tempo you used to create the beat as the rendered audio file will have the same tempo. You can also select a sample in Sample Edit and use the Detect button.

    I hope that helps you!
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