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I’m frustrated

My MPK Mini is not letting me upload my presets

I just got the MPK Mini today, not the Mk2 the MPK Mini, I downloaded the software editor to setup my presets and when I went to click upload my upload was not successful, please help me before I break this thing in half.
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  • Hello Lamine,

    Thanks for posting!

    If it is the program for the MPC Essentials software you are looking for, PROG 2 is mapped to the software already. Push PROG SELECT and then strike Pad 6. If you are sending a customized mapping, the following knowledge base article will help you use the MPK mini mkII editor:

    Akai Pro MPK mini mkII - How to use the Editor

    Are you receiving an error message stating that the program was not sent to the MPK?

    I hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any questions.
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