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need help to identify (and sell) vintage akai deck. will share

An older lady inherited this deck from her late husband. She needs money and I'm trying to help her. I will be willing to share after the sale if it sells with whoever is kind enough to give us help. I'll get the model number today. Got the pic, though.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting!

    The Akai that produced the reel to reel machines and the Akai Professional now are different companies, so I won't have any official information for this deck.

    However, another user on the forum had shared a website of his some time ago that may be helpful, particularly to ID the model. See this post:

    I find that the value of selling these can be reduced to virtually nothing if the buyer perceives the machine will require repair or is unable to find out specifically what is/isn't working. Be prepared to answer the following questions from buyers:

    -How many hours has the machine been used?
    -Was it owned by a studio or privately (not commercial)?
    -Does it turn on?
    -Do the reels spin (motors functional)?
    -Will it record?
    -Will it playback?
    -All inputs and outputs working?

    If it isn't working, it could be such a large number of things, most of which will not be repairable unless you find a technician. If it helps, I had recently purchased a TEAC 4-track and both reels would spin but the tape wouldn't feed through after the right side of the tape heads. Turns out replacing a $5 rubber belt (for the capstan - highlighted in pic below) was all it took. Belts that aren't used for a long time will expand and fall off nearly 100% of the time. Another snag was the pinch roller, the wheel right below the capstan. Often this needs to be cleaned/lubed or it will not spin freely and/or not push up into place when you press play/record. Of course, I was able to figure all of these things out because I found the service manual for my machine. Your deck may not even operate in the same way, but I hope it helps!

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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