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New Force Feature Request: Pad Matrix with Pad Names in Drum Notes Mode

There are 128 assignable pads in Drum Notes Mode (Banks A-F), but the only way to differentiate them while playing is to memorize their position and color. A matrix-style screen view for Drum Notes Mode would offer a significant improvement to the existing Notes Mode.

Similar to how the main Matrix displays labeled loops and clips assigned to color-coded pads, the proposed new sample/pad matrix would display the full 64 pad grid with the SAMPLE NAME assigned to each of the color-coded pads. Of course, it would be preferred if each pad name could be customized, however the sample’s file name would suffice, even if abbreviated. In the same manner that the main Matrix helps the Force musician navigate scenes and confidently launch clips on the fly, a sample/pad matrix would help users confidently navigate through the 8 banks of drum kits and 128 pads to trigger individual sounds on the fly. This new sample/pad matrix would be accessed simply by entering Notes mode on a Drum Track. A preference option could be added to the existing Note Config dialog box to “Display Pad Matrix”. And if there’s enough space within each sample pad’s cell, it would also be helpful to indicate the pad’s Sample Play mode (one shot vs. note on). Any other pad parameters that could be simplified as identifiable symbols might prove beneficial as well. .
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