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Next Sequence Idea For Live Shows or Sets

Idea for Mpc ren/studio:
I know you guys are crazy busy but I know you are open to suggestions and ideas so here is one:
What about being able in a live show to play your sequences or songs live switching them and being able to change things on them live too?
Lets say I have 20 songs for a Live set I drop them on the the mpc and Im playing song One which I have on pad 1 when Im on that song I can change whatever I did on that song mute trigger an effect then I move to song 8 which is on pad 8 (all live) and have access to all what I did being able to control everything on that one. Would that be possible? Thanks guys and continue the good work.
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  • Hello Roland,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    So, basically you have Sequences, then those Sequences go into a Song. You want to be able to have another level or mode where you compile all your Songs and assign them to pads? Essentially, being able to flip through projects without interruption?

    Let me know if that makes sense. Thanks!
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    • and sorry, yeah what you answered before made sense :) if you put another level or section it would be ok or even if you put it on the next Seq.
      You assign the song to the pad, but you can access deeper(sequences,tracks and plgns) and flip projects would be cool :). I know it maybe sounds crazy but I think it could help. Thanks!
    • Okay, thanks for clarifying. I'll submit the feature request for you!

      Just in case you weren't familiar, one way you can kind of get this workflow is converting your songs to sequences. So, you create your song in SONG or NEXT SEQ mode. Then you select CONVERT>SEQ. The current song will not become a sequence and you've essentially added this extra level of hierarchy.

      This somewhat addresses what you were discussing, but I understand your request though.
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