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not seeing audio signal on sample mode in mpc x

Not finding the audio signal bars in sample mode in my mpc x. I can hear the sounds of the song I want to sample coming through my headphones connected to the MPC but no signal bars showing on the sample screen thus unable to sample.

any ideas what I need to do ?

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  • Hey ike dilla,

    Thanks for posting!

    What are you using as an audio source? If you are connecting an external audio source to one or more of the MPC's audio inputs, ensure that you have selected those input(s) in Sampler. For example, if you are inputting a stereo signal and connecting an input to both Inputs 1 and 2, select Input 1,2 and Stereo in Sampler. Ensure that you have the Line/Phono switch set appropriately depending on what type of device you're inputting audio from and that you have the Rec Volume knob turned up so you receive a signal at a usable volume.

    If you are not sampling audio from and external source but from a sequence you've made on the MPC itself, select one of the Resample options.

    Try that and let me know if you're still having trouble!
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