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note repeat expansion and a few QoL enhancements

the suggestion i had for a feature is pretty simple - couldnt we use note repeat on technically anything, and if so, why can't we? by this i mean, say im in my track or pad mute section - wouldnt it be awesome if we could trigger the pad or track mutes in time with the note repeat function to create a kind of gate effect? i feel the same way about the q-link triggers as well. its something very simple that ive wanted since the first day and would just be such a cool QoL feature.

my second is also very simple - shift clicking "Next Seq" should do "Prev Seq". it just makes sense and im sure would be simple to implement.

lastly when loading samples from the browser, i feel that there should be an extra option next to "load" - a "layer" option that loads samples onto the next available pad layer instead of just replacing the sample. having to go load the sample from the browser, return to the prog edit screen, then change to sample, and then select the pad i want, and then scrolling thru samples to get to the one i want - i can do it, but it really does slow the whole sample-picking process down, and the reason i use an MPC is all about SPEED. im willing to trade-off much of the basic DAW functionality that i see other ppl requesting for increased workflow speed any day cuz i never bought my MPC expecting it to be a DAW, and im sure im not the only one who feels this way. thats all i got, love the new 1.7 automation features. keep grinding akai
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