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OK, I am impressed

I'm actually impressed with MPC 2.0 software performance. Also stability is far better than 1.9.x. Its actually using far less CPU than Reason or Maschine.

A drum beat with Fabfilter Pro-L VST on the master runs at 25% cpu on my 2012 iMac with MPC-X and MPC 2.0 software, but Maschine's display drivers eat tons CPU, and Reason is running at over 100% for some strange reason. I hate hot computers with fans running! MPC Software is the lowest CPU usage out of a few tests I just did.

There is also very low latency using MPC-Live or MPC-X in controller mode with the software, to the degree that I can't detect any difference in latency to running it in standalone mode. As long as I use the blue USB cable and plug it into a fast USB 3.0 hub. And using a UAD Apollo 8 as my interface for all audio IO is really tight!!

Good work on the stability and latency and low CPU Akai, keep up the good work :) We all looking forward to new features