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On the fly switching of midi channels on the keyboard of the MPK249

On the MPK249 is there an easy way to switch MIDI channels on the fly to control different software instruments in Ableton Live that are on different tracks and assigned to different MIDI channels? The control banks do not seem to be able to switch the MIDI Channel of the keyboard. I want to record a clip on one instrument then press a button and have the keyboard controlling another instrument so i can record a clip on that, I can't seem to figure this out on the MPK249. On the MPK mini, the "PROG SELECT" button allows for a different MIDI channel on all 4 of the separate programs. Help!
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  • Hey Brett,

    Thanks for posting!

    There are a few ways that you can change the MIDI channel. You can change globally, by control (keybed, pads, etc.), or even make dedicated presets for this purpose (this would be similar to the MPK functionality you mentioned).

    Changing the global MIDI channel is simple - just push the Global button and set the desired channel.

    To change channel of a specific portion of the MPK (like the keybed itself for instance), press the Edit button and push a key. The display will allow you to set the MIDI channel.

    Using a combination of these two methods above, you can make multiple presets and just alternate between these as necessary. To save a preset, make your changes, push the Preset button, push the right cursor button and save it!

    I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    • Thanks Nick, I will look into doing it possible to trigger preset changes from an outside source via usb or traditional midi? Will there possibly be an update to the MPK249 to make switching midi channels on the fly easier? I don't understand why Akai wouldn't make switching midi channels on the fly an easy thing to do, maybe you have some insight into this. Its simple enough on the Akai mpk mini. thanks again!
    • Currently you will select your preset via the Data Dial. I will be happy to submit this as a feature request for you!
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