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Pads on MPK Mini II won't stop sustaining

Hello, I'm completely new to both MPK mini and midi (so, please forgive me if it's an obvious question). I'm having a problem with the pads...

I like to sustain the same note in the pads, and through experimentation, I have found a way to do it: by pressing a pad (for example, Pad 1) and then hitting both PROG SELECT, and then after the pad beside it (for example, Pad 2). What happens is that the note sustains, but it won't stop no matter which pad/button I hit. I have to close my DAW program (Garageband) to make it stop.

What can I do to get the notes to stop sustaining without closing my DAW program? I cannot find the answer in any of Akai's Instruction Guides, or even on Google for that matter.
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