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I’m frustrated

PC won't auto detect MPCX - Slow HD on MPCX & suggestions.

My windows 10, and latest firmware/mpc 2.1.2 or such is up to date on 4.28.18.

My PC isn't showing mpcx in directory list to be able to transfer beats made in stand alone. Also, start using the K.I.S.S. rule and let mpcx auto update, auto connect/detect to our PC's. This is 2018 not 1998. Also the mpcx is fuggin' slow for $2800$, come on.

I have to feed the mpcx too much direction. Make mpc software find and show the hard drive beats I made in stand alone, duhhhh. Amalgamate, simplify!!! people work day jobs and too busy for this archaeic old flow.

Also the "get satisfaction" account has a hilarious name, because no satisfaction comes form a sign up page asking for captcha info when it won't even show the image to copy from, lmao.

This whole set up of everything is nothing like N.I. and I am regretting not just upgrading Maschine Studio, cheaper and easier, and mad familiar with.
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