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Pitchbend events issue in List edit (MPC Live/X)

Pitchbend events issue
- Record any events with a pitchbend wheel of Your keyboard
- Go to the List editor - You will see recorded pitchbend events with their values in range -8192 to 8192 when 0 - is neutral position of pitchbend.
- Try set any value of pitchbend event manually. You will see that any value You enter is divided in half. You enter 225 - it is 113, or You enter 8192 - and it is -4096

I think the values of pitchbend events are stored in MPC memory in range 0 - 16384 when 8192 is neutral position. At least in midi monitor events are shown in this range. Maybe this is the cause of mismatch between shown values and entered values in List editor.
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