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Plugin presets not saved in sequences- you have to reload them for every sequence every time you turn on MpcX


I’m just happy to use simple yet efficient new plugins bassline and electric, now the problem: your own created and saved sounds are not saved when you turn of Mpc !!! Imagine you have 20-30 sequences and two sounds for each. Please fix in2.5 , as such shortcommings abruptly render features useless.

Neither does CONVERT TO SEQUENCE in song mode works. Its an empty file... I really don’t know how to use it now I’m a slow composer building meticulously overnight sleep brings fresh perspective sometimes I build for several days. To convert to audio is an option but with 2 gbyte ram??

Thanks for ideas and fixing big issues

Synths otherwise I find fast to navigate, modern, nice design, simple but useful at many projects for subs, extra sounds bases everything’. With little additional analog gear running through midi within easily controlled sequencer, especially velocity, all that needs be for sound design.

Thank you

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