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Possibly causing my Mac to hang.

Here is a strange one, but I should report it.

I thought there was a problem with my machine hardware, even though its a top spec i9-9900

Plugged in my force to try the new OS and my Mac would hang multiple times a day.

Previous to that I had MPC-X connected and my Mac would hang once a day.

Disconnected both and surprisingly my machine has not crashed at all in a week.

Coincidence? Maybe. Driver issue? Possibly.

Sorry I have not been able to find anything useful in system logs what was causing the baffling crash, so likely its kernel level.

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  • Hey John,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that! Your system specs should be more than capable of handling the MPC X in controller mode. The Force will only be able to update firmware or mount a connected storage device to your desktop so there's no driver necessary. So it could potentially be a driver problem with the MPC X but that still wouldn't explain why the Force is hanging the system.

    What firmware versions are your Force and MPC X running? Did you install the 2.7 driver as well as the MPC 2.7 software?
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