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Problems Essentials 1.7 does anyone else have both Element and Mpk mini mkll

Mpc essentials 1.7 i have both elementi and Mpk mini Mkll when i go to scan for plugins my pc crashes this never happened before only since i updated to 1.7 i removed all plugins out of the stienburg and vst folders scanned and it did not crash the only plugins that where in the folders when it crashes are the mpc plugins that come with essentials and i am not able to the hybrid 3 wobble activated yet and heres the thing also they get loaded to my plugin folders so how am i going to be able to use them if they make my pc crash and lastly my essentials software only shows my element registered but it dont show the Mpk mini is this a problem i see others are having this problem but i guess i can use my mini in regular mode instead of demo because its running off my elemen registered software i called akai and they said to try again today i origianaly called for the Q knobs not turning with mouse and they where overwellmed with the other problems i never was able to fix the Q knob problem what can i do here my work has been held up for two days now please help thank you
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