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program mpk 249 to control vst instead of daw

hi i am running logic pro x and have the mpk 249 controlling it and alls working the way it should however unless im misunderstanding the process i believe i should be able to set it up to also control the vsts within that to control filter cut offs switching between banks etc.
i have imagined i would create a new preset in the preset editor of the mpk 249 for each plugin to do so, however even if i switch to a generic preset to try and use midi learn on the plugin any knobs/faders i move still effect things in the daw instead of the vst .
perhaps im looking at this all wrong or misunderstanding. i have read the entire downloaded manual a couple of times and searched for something that might help online for the last 3 days but so far im coming up empty handed can anybody help please?

ps. also if i load up the free vsts that came with the 249 such as the hybrid synth, even if i switch my preset to the pre programmed hybrid one on the mpk it still doesn't do anything in hybrid and just screws up stuff in logic instead lol
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