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Qlinks not working after 1.8.2 update for me.

I never had an issue with my Qlinks until recently when I tried using MPC after 1.8.2 update. I ran through all the customary troubleshoots (reset pram, repair disk, uninstall/reinstall hardware) and none of it helped anything with my issue. I read that some had to go all the way back to version 1.2 in order to get the Q-Links in order to function as normal and i hope that won't be the case for me. Any help would be gladly appreciated.. thanks. I almost forgot.. QLinks only function when I'm in Midicontrol mode which doesn't help me at all with beyond showing that the knobs actually do function.
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  • Hello 4thWall,

    Thanks for posting.

    You should call or email the tech support team. They can do some in depth troubleshooting in this case and I'm sure they'll get you sorted. Here is the contact info:

    USA & Canada
    Phone: 401-658-5765
    Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 6:30PM EST

    Phone: +49-2154-81299-20
    Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM CET

    Phone: 44(0)1252-896040
    Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM BST

    Phone: +5511 - 3222-6476
    Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM BRT

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  • Did you see this solution?

    Deep in sub-menu XYZ of my MIDI sequencing engine a little check-box was ticked that said, "filter CC" and so forth. Sometimes "I" did it and just forgot. Others...who the heck knows...maybe a software update changed it...or a gremlin went to town in my computer while I was asleep?!? Oh! Now I remember downloading that demo project, which had its way and reset a zillion and one things deep under the hood of my DAW!

    These days add the fact we're running through dual or even triple purpose USB connections with several 'virtual ports'. It's not at all uncommon for me to go cross-eyed wondering why this thing works with that track that was set to accept 'all midi input data' then break with a track where I had it set to Port A (when stuff was being sent over Port B).

    It's moments like those that I'm thankful I started playing with MIDI back when the sales guy wouldn't even sell us a MIDI instrument until we'd read 3 technical manuals on MIDI protocols, passed a test, and signed a disclaimer that we wouldn't blame the music store if we couldn't make it work.

    If MIDI Monitor is showing the right CC Data from the hardware.......
    Take some notes over which 'virtual midi port or driver' the messages are coming in over.

    If you're running MPC Software in stand alone mode...

    Pick a control and see what happens if you reprogram it to use a different virtual MIDI port (compare with your notes taken in the MIDI Monitor session)...cycle through all the ports your Ren offers. Maybe...it's just a matter of the newer versions of the software being set by default to listen over a different MIDI input.

    If you're running MPC as a VST plugin...

    Double check your Sequencer/DAW. Make sure some obscure MIDI filter or transformation insert hasn't been activated.

    Make sure your DAW is listening to the right virtual port(s), and that individual sequencer/daw tracks are not filtering or transforming things somehow before sending them to the VST.

    While I don't have a Ren to help trouble shoot, I have indeed run into way more than my fair share of MIDI routing issues over the years. It's REALLY easy to miss something among the thousands of MIDI filters and transformers provided by the typical DAW/Sequencer these days...especially with modern hardware that's powered by multi-port-USB cabled instruments. Today's pro-line instruments often ALSO are capable of 'doubling' as a sort of DIN MIDI interface or patch-bay 'in addition' to handling their own 'processed' input/output. I.E. My MPK2 has FOUR virtual inputs and outputs, PLUS a USB Keybard HID signal all going over the same wire. Not only does it talk over the USB for its own purposes, but it can also reroute the MIDI data of my choice over the DIN ports (so it's not just input/output for the keyboard, but also a fully functional DIN MIDI interface). That's ton of MIDI horsepower...with a lot of possible channels and ports things can talk over.

    Check your MIDI flow....double and triple check it. Study up on how many virtual ports the Ren can talk over. Make sure controls are talking over the right port(s) and channels so that your MPC software can hear the chatter. Be sure the track inserts and Global Remote options of your DAW aren't intercepting remote data and trying to do something internal with them (Remote Controller Conflicts are easy to have if not careful...I.E. If the DAW itself is mapped to use CC22, Channel 2, Port A, to control a fader or pot on the DAW mixer desk...it might just refuse to pass that message on down the line to a VST instrument that you've instructed to also listen to CC22, Channel 2, Port A).

    Some tips:

    Controller Conflicts are EASY to create. The more remotes and controllers you plug in, the easier it is to create a conflict of some sort....so take your time and build things as you need them...and take notes to avoid future conflicts.

    Consider isolating all DAW remote controls over one port (I.E. Port B), and leaving Port A for talking directly to VST instruments.

    Make a spreadsheet...keep up with all CC IDs you're using for remote controls. Avoid ever using the same CC on the same channel and port twice for two different purposes unless you're intentionally trying to control two things at once with the same control! Take advantage of the multiple virtual ports to isolate various controller classes and types, and don't be afraid to take advantage of presets and on the fly mapping on your Ren to keep things organized for your personal style and work-flow.

    When talking to VST instruments....Study the MMA Standard Controller Assignments. Use the standards...they're there for a reason. http://www.midi.org/techspecs/midimes... Use this source to plan your remotes so they make sense...are readily portable to different studios and DAW platforms, make trouble shooting a little easier, and most importantly, avoid 'controller conflicts'.
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