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Recording long samples into an MPC 500

I am looking at buying an Akai MPC 500.
I need to record long (song length) samples into it, e.g a long piano recording or a recording of live drums etc and be able to play it back and even switch between them. IS that possible with this?? To be able to record long samples into it?

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  • Hey Joe,

    Thanks for posting!

    The MPC500 is a legacy product and as a result, the available support is limited. That said, the amount of sampling time that is available will be directly influenced by how much RAM the MPC has.

    If you have installed the EXM128 expansion module (giving the MPC a total of 128MB of RAM), you will have around 24 minutes of available recording time when recording in mono. Recording in stereo will cut that in half as you will be recording two channels.

    If you are concerned about sample recording time, you may want to consider using a digital recorder to capture the entire performance and sample in what you need into the MPC afterwards.

    I hope that helps you!
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