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Recording Fader movement on mpd 26 into Logic Pro X?

Hi, i recently purchased an mpd26, i am using logic pro x and i have successfully assigned effects etc to the faders and knobs and i can alter the sound of the music i am making. However what i am trying to do is record the changes i make with my fader whilst recording. For example i am recording a beat into Logic Pro x with the mpd and at the same time i am sliding the fader down slowly to create an effect. The problem is when i play the track back the beat just plays back wherever i left the fader. Please could someone help me with recording the movement i make with the fader whilst recording. Thanks!
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  • Hello Milo,

    Thanks for posting. I'd be happy to help!

    Logic will record most parameters controls by enabling the automation record mode. Right above the pan on each track is a box that generally defaults to "Read". Click that to select the automation record mode:

    Touch = Nothing records unless you're moving the fader/knob. When you stop moving the knob, automation stops recording (so you won't overwrite previous automation)
    Latch = Nothing records until you move the fader/knob but then the automation starts overwriting any previous automation.
    Write = Not used as often. Immediately overwrites all old automation in track as when enabled.

    After you stop the playback, switch this back to "Read" to ensure you don't overwrite any previous automation recording.

    Let me know if this helps!
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