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Reiterating wishlist MPCX/Live STANDALONE (they're already computers, no need for a seconds)

These seems to me as the more requested things, and in no particular order:
(And I added some personal wants to them as well.)

Map Tracks to MIDI Input Ports 1, 2 or USB. (a.k.a. multitimbral)

Map Pads to MIDI Notes. With save/load of entire pad maps. (e.g. for drum machines and other devices that have a preset set of MIDI notes)

List Editor event filtering, insert, edit and thinning. (thinning automates the removal of too many events of a particular type based on quantize)

Mod Matrix, i.e. more and flexible modulations. (e.g. an envelope to modulate pitch, more LFO waveform types)

Keygroup Programs legato mode (no envelope retriggering) and glide/portamento with that.

Reorder within, move/copy between effect racks. Add save/load racks.

Grid Editor visual and touch management of automation and MIDI CC. Similar to the bars in the step sequencer but with a 'rope', with thinning.

An easier but practical solution would be preset curves over a specified time period. (E.g. a dialog where you pick a event type, a timespan and a curve, which over the timespan would remove all existing events of the type and insert a quantized set, based on the curve. This would also work in both editors.)

'Full' and editable arpeggiator. With save/load arpeggiator parameter setups.

Track notes, where I would rather prefer 'MPC Type' notes, so notes could be added to any type inside of the MPC: Sequence, Track, Program, etc. (Think of Pad Maps, Arpeggiator, etc.)

Expand the touch screen gesture abilities so we could do more without having to switch modes when adding, deleting or editing. (e.g. two finger zoom and scroll, always, in grid editor.)

In addition to expansion packs, we should be able to organize basic files and folders.

The more modular parts that we are able to save/load ourselves, the more we can work around missing features (such as copy/paste). Not that I want to do this, but it would resolve a bit of tension and frustration.
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