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FORCE: Request: Track Order Arrangement (drag to rearrange track order)

With the FORCE - Maybe I'm missing "How to do" - but in ones "song" mode - in how one goes about creating & arranging music - its not always known up front what the arrangement will be. You just start by getting your ideas down and then later finding that you would like your drum track to be track 1 and your bass to be track 2 (along with all your scenes) - vertical track lanes. I know there are creative ways to do this but the coolest way would be just tap or hold or drag THAT track and move it in the order you'd like (left or right). IS there a way to do this already and I'm just missing it? -Cheers
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  • Hey ethr3,

    Thanks for posting!

    Track rearrangement via the touch display is not currently supported. I agree that this would be a big benefit to the Force's workflow as arrangements can change over time. I'll mention your feedback to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    Thanks for your feedback!
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