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Reset load recent to blank or a specific file that you purge or removed

I just removed/Purge a saved project that was save to my in My documents on my iMac the Folder was named MPC Documents/plugin Data.

I do not know if this folder (MPC documents/plugin Data) was created by the MPC 2.0 installation but the file named under .xpj for some reason when I start a new project it seem to take over the current new project.

So I manage to purge then delete it. Before I would just delete it and it will show up again and again so maybe the purge will delete it permanently.

When I go to on the MPC.vst or MPC beta 2.0 file is see in the load recent the name of the file is still there how do you remove it specific offender or reset all that under the Load recent under file. If there is no reset then this feature should be added.

Will submit to feed back.
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