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setup akai mini in pro tools 8

I recently purchased and akai mpk mini and cannot figure out how to get it working in pro tools 8. I am very new to this so could someone please help me out?
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  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for posting!

    Pro Tools 8 is an older version of the software and finding exact documentation for how to set up a MIDI device is proving to be a little tough but let me see if I can lend some insight to the situation.

    Essentially, you will need to assign the MPK mini as a MIDI input device. The MPK is a class compliant device so you will not need to manually install drivers in order for your computer to recognize it.

    In the newer versions of Pro Tools, you can click Setup > MIDI > MIDI Input Devices... and select your input device from that menu. The procedure for Pro Tools 8 should be similar. Once you have your MIDI input device configured, you can assign a track and start inputting MIDI data.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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