Has anyone figured out a way to sidechain in the MPC software???? I came up with a method that I'm testing but I'm not sure if it's working like it would when I use it in my main DAW, (Studio One v3)..... What I did was I pulled up "LFOTool" by Xfer Records and "Kickstart" by DJ Nicky Romero as send effects. I set Kickstart's retrigger options to: 1-SHot, In From Host, & All Notes. From there I chose a dipping preset that I thought did the job. I then took and copied my kick and 808 midi notes to a separate "Program" and erased them from the original Drum Program. With LFOTool, (which has way more setting options), I basically did the same thing. In the midi section, (bottom left), I chose "Note Retrigger". you actually have to click it twice to change the blue button to "ENV". From there you have more options like "Note Gate", "Vel>PWM", "Pitch>Rate", & "Pitch>Cutoff". Now the reason I pulled up both is because if this idea worked, lol, I wanted to see which performed the best. After setting both up, I then went back to what I called the Kick & 808 program and started adjusting the send knobs until it seemed like I was finally achieving a "Sidechaining" affect in the MPC software! I would like for someone else to try this method or if anyone has proven way that works, please drop your comments below.

Here are links to check out LFOTool and Kickstart:
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