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Simple Idea to Extend the life of the EWI Mouthpiece

The EWI mouthpiece (mpc) is not super expensive but it’s not cheap. Even if you just get the rubber/silicone part, it can add up. I tried electrical tape but the adhesive can eventually make you sick. I mean, it’s not meant for your mouth. I finally tried self-fusing silicone tape. Yes! It is the perfect solution. Inexpensive and durable, no adhesive chemicals, and in white you can’t tell from a distance that it’s on there. Experiment with how much you need to put on the mpc. You probably have to trim it a little even if you stretch it out a lot. You have to pull on it to get it tight and get it to fuse. Not too much. You don’t want to break the mpc. The self-fusing silicone tape is available you know where. Hint: it starts with A and ends with mazon. ;-)
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