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some ideas for mpc software

-on a midi track theres only 6 pages of midi cc premapped in "program edit". it would be nice if you make 8 pages so we can control all 127 midi cc at once without remapping! like press SHIFT+F-Key to access pages 7 and 8!!!!!!!

-SHIFT+PAD -> change track is much needed!!!!!
-when chopping by regions, would be nice to have divide/combine region !!!
-show note being played when hitting a pad on hardware screen
-add LFO for program instead only for pads
-Q-Link should control row instead of coulmns in Program Edit(mpc studio only!)
-record atomation from external synths directly via midi in instead of using the Q-Links
-On main screen when sequence is highlighted, press window to bring up a list of all used sequences( same for tracks, programs).
-when in sample record mode, it would be nice if i can start recording but switch screens, so i can record a full performance right back into the mpc(like jamming in trackmute screen or next sequence)
-when in next sequence mode it should remember the next sequence when switching to another screen(so i can hit a pad corresponding to a seq and then change to main to play a break and mpc still changes seq to the one i chose)
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