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some tips for future update on mpc live

-entering a program list doubleclicking program name under program menu (exactly as sample list doubleclicking sample name in sample menu)

-audio track on track mute (otherwise in track mute u can’t mute/unmute audio track)

-track mute button using 16level button (an option in preferences where to choose the function of 16level button between 16level and track mute) during a live is pointless having 16level as physical button instead of vital importance have track mute and not using the actual system in 2 steps, u need to be fast)

-a special track mute menu in which u can choose pad as playing the underline program and pad on lcd as track mute: to activate shift + 16level (as before if set to track mute and note 16level)

-when loading different program/instruments that use common files it asks every time if u want to reload file (or even program if u load different folder). would be nice to have a function that apply to all the loading file, without having to touch the screen every time mpc live crosses an already loaded file (replace all)

- in pad perform, chord, it would be nice to have inversion up/down for chords, to set for every single pad/chord (and saved with the project only)

-fade out in slice mode to avoid click, just as optional with some value setting

-a shortcut to zoom at a desired level in sample edit/trim page
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