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I’m frustrated


Just bought the Akai Mpk Mini and I'm trying to download the Mpc Essentials but an error message shows up saying,"You do not have the MPC software installed on your computer.""The updater assets could not be found. Have you moved the installation files?" I extracted the download file and tried everything. Can somebody please answer my question? Such a complicated for a "Professional" software. Thanks.

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  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for posting!

    If you're receiving an error message indicating that installer assets are unavailable, it sounds like the installer is looking for content it needs to install the software but cannot find it. This could be due to moving the files as suggested or an incomplete or otherwise interrupted download of the installer.

    I would recommend starting the process from scratch and deleting the installer content you currently have on your computer.

    Log back into your Akai Pro account, download the MPC Essentials 1.8.2 installer for PC, ensuring that it is not interrupted or stopped along the way. Extract the file from the compressed directory and run the MPC Essentials installer. Unless you are using any MPC hardware, you will not need to install any drivers - only the software is necessary. This knowledge base article will walk you through the process of installing the software:

    Akai Pro MPK mini mkII - How to Obtain, Download, Install, and Setup the Included Software

    I hope that helps you! Let me know if you're still having some trouble!
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