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Sound design aspect of the Advance

Greeting all,

A BIG part of a workstation is the ability to access and navigate the parameters of a sound. It seem the Advance has a good way to select patches, but I trying to figure out if it makes just as easy of a job to edit those patches. I understand that you can map parameters to the encoder, and select these for the banks, but can you name the banks to make these organized. For instance, I would like to map all the osc parameters in bank A, all the filter parameters in B, so on and so forth. I would like to name the respective banks "Osc", "Filter", ect. This way of organizing parameters is vary common amounts synths, and it quite important to workflow.

I would really like this device to truely integrate with my Soft/Hard synths, but for that to happen there needs to be a system of organizing parameters.

Renaming banks in the Advance software is an easy thing for Akai to do, and very important in the workstation flow of the intension of the Advance.

Please let me know if it can or can't do thing.

Thanks, all :)
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