Suggestions for scale and pad mode


I love this new feature of the 1.8 . I think it has a amazing potential. A few things i would like to see added to this mode:
- The ability to switch tracks while staying in this mode would be great for live action. Right now you have to go back to main mode, switch tracks and re-open scale mode. It could be shortened :)
- The ability to edit/save custom progressions (and why not share them!)
- Edit any chord inside built-in progressions and/or choose which inversion we want for the chord
- The ability to chose the way the chord is layered (notes coming one after another). If we could control the amount of it, it could give a more natural feel to the chords instead of all the notes coming at the exact same time.
- I think it will be coming soon but of course more styles of progressions: reggae, soul, funk, rock etc... And more types of instruments: clavinets, organs etc...

Thanks guys!
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