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Sustain Pedal Not Working MPCX

My sustain pedal is not working on my MPCX (standalone mode). I've tried two different pedals, flipped polarity, checked to make sure they're firing out CC64, and manually mapped them to the sustain and hold 2 functions through the Midi Control window. No dice. Any thoughts?
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  • Hey Owen,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with that! Where are you connecting the sustain pedal? If you are using the Footswitch inputs, these will not transmit sustain messages. Instead, they are fixed to parameters in the Hardware Preferences like transport control, next/previous Sequence, F1, etc.

    If your sustain pedal is connected to an external MIDI controller, like the MPK mini, then you can transmit MIDI CC 64 data to the X via the USB inputs.

    Let me know!
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