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Swap Tracks and fx slots

I think it's a bit crazy that in standalone we cannot simply have a swap tracks option on main menu, I don't think it's so difficult to code it.
It's a bit strange when you reorganize a project that you have to copy a track to an empty one, copy the other track to the first one, copy the copied one to the last. Sometimes it's like a riddle and it happens quite often to reorganize the tracks to play live.
Same with the effects. No swap option. You have to save the both effects as presets, erase them, open them in reverse order, load the presets.
Come on, not so difficult, I guess.
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  • Hey Fabrizio,

    Thanks for posting!

    I agree that the Live would benefit from a more intuitive way of reordering Tracks. Be sure to submit this as a feature request with the MPC 2 Software's built-in feedback module. The feedback module is represented by a smiley icon at the lower right side of the software next to the browser icons. This information goes directly to the Akai team for consideration!

    If you need an alternative method of submitting feedback, you may use the following links:

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    Thanks for your feedback!
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