Switching sequences on the renaissance.

I would swear blind the next sequence function has been altered from 1.5 to 1.6 but not in a better way. I used to be able to select next sequence by hitting the pad, which then flashes until the sequence kicks in. Before 1.6 I did not have to wait for my sequence to kick in before navigating to another page. Now , I select a sequence and have to wait until selected sequence is playing and then navigate to a different page. It seems 1.6 'forgets' to switch the sequence if you move on to other parameters. Very limiting when sequencing live , only thing is, I don't remember this being the case before the last update we had. Is there anyway we can have the ability to remember next sequence selections back, or if I have imagined it being there in the first place? , could be a worthwhile tweak to the functionality. Thoughts, solutions? thanks
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