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Sync Midi

Hello ,
I would like to synchronize my keyboard
trinity v3 with my mpc X
is it possible ?
my goal is to play the sounds of trinity and hammond on the Mpc X
I tried too with my hammond xb 1
a signal enters the hammond but no sound comes out.
I do not understand what is happening .
could you help me ?
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  • Hey nico3979,

    Thanks for posting!

    It is possible to control the Trinity with your MPC X. To do this, connect a MIDI DIN cable to one of the MIDI Out ports of the X. Route this cable to the MIDI In of the Korg. In the Korg's Global Settings adjust the MIDI Clock Setting to External, so that it is slaved to the MPC X's clock. Now, assign the X as the master clock in Sync Preferences by selecting Send MIDI Clock. You may also enable Send MMC for additional transport control.

    Open a Project in the X and create a new Track. Load a MIDI Program by pressing the MIDI icon to the right. Under Programs you will see MIDI 001 appear as well as a few adjustable parameters. Set the MIDI Port to the MPC X's MIDI Out you initially connected to and select the MIDI Channel that the Korg is receiving on (1-16).

    If you are not hearing anything, you may need to route the audio output from the Korg back into the X and record to an Audio Track. When setting up your Audio Track, select the X's receiving inputs, activate Monitor and Arm Rec.

    Repeat the same steps above for the Hammond.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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