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The 2017 Akai MPK249 Special Edition

I think Akai should make a new mpk specifically for hip hop producers that use fl studio and whatnot so let me explain. I think it should have these feature:
16 RGB back lit Pads with note repeat and sound banks(make it cheap so take out velocity if you must)
49 Semi weighted keys with pitch mod wheels and octave change buttons
Scale and chord feature with light guide like mashines keyboard control
Sampler-pitch,stretch,chop,Threshold,reverse,fade in, fade out,slice
transport controls(Play,Stop,Record,undo,metro)Like maschine studio
8 knobs faders and buttons like it is now on the mpk249
(No Goddamn extra soft ware included)And for that matter no more arpegiator like we can do that through the computer i hate the arpegiator function on the original product
Very solid build and design of original mpk
DAW CONTROL without edit global and all that extra on top just put it into the touch screen
and finally a nice touch screen like the machine studio or the mpd touch
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