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I’m disappointed

The MPC Software should be available for purchase for MPC Element users for $100-$200 to enable multi-track recording capability for users.

I purchased the MPC Element as a test product. About a year of using it to it's full capability I purchased the MPK225 in hopes of incorporating synths in beats. What I found after waiting months for the product to be shipped was that you cannot simultaneously record/play plug-in sounds with drums or other instruments in MPC Essentials. This was my fault for not paying attention to the box thoroughly, but I looked for a solution. Using the MPC Software I found it has an option to use both plug-ins and other instruments together. The only way to get the software is to either purchase the MPC Studio ($400) or MPC Renaissance. I am hoping in the future there will be the option to purchase the MPC Software for new users like me.
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