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Time signatures and tempo changes

Sorry to bombard the board with questions...

I know that people have asked about time signatures, but I would like to ask a more specific question.

Can you alternate time signatures - such as Brubeck's "Take 5" which is one bar of 3/4 followed by one bar of 2/4
I have a track where the time signature is all over the place....

Also is the are "tempo track" as I like to adjust the tempo throughout - I was also thinking something a little smoother than bar by bar - think outro to Come on Eileen!

And finally... (again apologies) is there a "beat detective" (like pro tools) functionality
That would work with an entire audio track?
ie. I could record myself playing a song on guitar, and the beat detective would be able to plot a tempo map and identify where all the beats were in the entire song?
(turns out even my iPhone can do that with a free apple app called music memos - albeit not very well!)

Thanks again
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  • Hey Aubrey,

    Thanks for posting!

    You can add bars of different time signatures to your sequences easily by using the Insert Bars function. From the Main menu, select the pencil icon to the right of the Sequence panel. In the next screen, select Insert Bars. The following window will allow you to choose the sequence, number of bars, time signature of these bars, and their destination in the sequence.

    There is no tempo automation however you can have your sequences play at different tempos. This will not function if you are using a global master tempo but if your sequences are set to different tempos and you alternate between sequences, they will play at their individual tempos. This can be used to great effect to really change the movement and feel of a song when your sequences are strung together in Song mode.

    There is a tempo Detect function contained in Sample Edit mode. Select your sample in Sample Edit mode and select the Detect button in the lower center portion of the display. In this menu, you can either automatically detect the tempo, use tap tempo, or double tap the BPM field to manually enter a value.

    Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy :)
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