TRULY Automatic VIP Preset Import (and a TRULY HUGE Gift for MASSIVE users!)

I was sitting and importing my 20,000+ MASSIVE Presets One by One and I thought after importing about 30,. 'There has to be a better way' so I went and found THIS:
'AutoMouseClick' download safe copy here: )
With this I was able to sit back and watch, even SLEEP overnight, while the computer CLICKED 'Next Preset' for me (and with learn ON I was able to get 4 Banks of Controls with each Preset).
See the tool working with VIP in action here:

You just set a time (I put 7/10's of a second) and it will click where you put your cursor until you tell it to stop. Pretty amazing.

Now for the GIFT part;
1) here is the result, a VIP Expansion for MASSIVE that has 21,433 MASSIVE Presets mapped with 4 banks of Controls and Categories!:

2) and since it would not be much good with the corresponding PRESETS, here is a RAR file with 21,433+ MASSIVE Presets in *.nmsv format.

My way of giving back:

I have changed the presets enough that I consider them all to be Users presets and none to be commercial.
I wanted to do something nice, as so many have shown patience during my fast learning curve. I will also add this in the VIP Sharing Thread.
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