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Using Two APC40 mk2 in Ableton

Hello! I'm trying to use 2x APC40mk2 in ableton. So far i've managed to separate the grids by using the "-DontCombineAPCs" in the options.txt files. Problem is all the other pads, faders and knobs are still linked on both APCs and trigger the same functions, wether they're manually assigned or not... Anyone's ever tried this ? I can't find any answer...
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  • Hey DJ Squirrel,

    Thanks for posting!

    You will need to overwrite the MIDI assignments in Ableton Live. This is easily done with Ableton's MIDI Mapping feature. Each individual button should be assigned to its corresponding parameter in the software. This will override the original mapping, allowing you to control a larger session using two APCs.

    In addition, ensure that you have created two different control surface maps for each APC and selected the corresponding MIDI ports. You may also want to disable the Remote tab for the APC Input in the APCs in Ableton's MIDI/Sync Preferences. This will separate the MIDI mapping configuration for the two controllers allowing you to customize each unit with individual controls.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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