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VIP 3.1 + Ableton and Akai Advance 25 not able to load any instrument or effect


I'm unable to make the VIP software to sound either inside Ableton or Standalone.
I'm able to create setlists and Multis, but when I choose in the controller any instrument. It just doesn't do anything.
I think it tries to start the instrument, as tried to open Eighty-Eight and launch the authorization pop up.

I'm unable to get sound as looks like the instrument never get assigned to a channel. I cannot find any troubleshooting or workaround for this.

Already made an audio test, and I get a signal. The instruments and effects are not loading.

I'm in OS X 10.12, Please help!

PD: MIDI and transport changes work fine in Ableton. VIP is the only thing that doesn't sound.
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  • Hey Nicolás,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble! From your picture it seems that you are trying to load an instrument on an effects rack. To load a plugin preset, click on the Instrument tab at the top left and select one of your VST presets from the browser on the left. Check out this video for a full tutorial on how to do this:

    AKAI VIP 3.0 - Multi-instruments, FX's and Browser Tutorial Review

    If you do not see any of your plugins available in VIP, you will need to scan and load them with the Plugin Manager. Prior to doing this, make sure that all of your VSTs are properly authorized for use on your computer. This video provides a full overview of plugin and preset management in VIP:

    Akai Pro Advance Keyboards - Everything you need to know about Plugins and Presets in VIP

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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